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Self Directed IRA’s allowing ETF trades using specified management programs.

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Under Financial Stress?

Are you on track for having enough money to retire the way you always dreamed about?

If you’re like most workers out there, you have a long way to go before money won’t be a problem when you hit retirement.

85% of Americans say they are constantly worried about money and their financial future. So you are not alone if you find yourself  stressed out about your retirement savings.

The senior advisor working with our SafetyNET programs is one of the top Certified Financial Coach™ professionals in the country.  She was the co-founder for the College for Financial Coaching and has held meetings and classes with thousands of individuals wishing to benefit from the ability to see money from a new perspective.
For almost 10 years SafetyNET has been helping hundreds of federal employees take action and try to make a difference in by allocating their TSP based on suggested action sent to them using the TSP SafetyNet newsletter.  While TSP SafetyNET’s had the ability to help those who actually took
action based on TSP SafetyNET’s rapid response signals, not everyone actually benefited.  The reason?  There were many.  When life gets busy, many people didn’t take the time to use the change their allocations or they were afraid to take action.  Those who followed alerts were to experience much higher rates of success due to our strategy of avoiding the devastating effects of big losses and being positioned to make big gains when opportunities occured.

Working with an advisor who has skills in behavioral coaching has great advantages.

In a recent study showing the value of using an

wealth advisor, the results of behavior coaching was evident.  Making up the majority of the value the advisor brings to the client-advisor relationship.

There are many virtues a coach possesses which are not automaticly acquired in gaining licensing as a financial professional.  At SafetyNET we understanding the additional value working with professionals who have taken the time to hone their stills by taking additional classes in financial coaching brings.  These additional skills help provide a different perspective and help individuals develop a sense of empowerment in their relationship with money which many people in the financial industry cannot provide.

Studies have shown when asked why people tend to NOT work with an financial professional, the responses are typically that they leave mattings with higher anxiety and a sense of guilt about their financial situation.  Advisors with coaching skills work with their clients from a place of non-judgement and as a guide .     It is for this reason that SafetyNET programs have negotiated specialized financial coaching workshops for clients working with SafetyNET affiliated advisors.

Also, SafetyNET programs being additional added value.  We are conservative in our approach because your retirement is just too important to risk losing. The quality of your life after you retire depends on how much you have saved. So, it’s not smart to risk it on the blackjack table.

We emphasize avoiding big losses because it’s awfully hard to make up for big losses.

If you lose 50% of your savings then it takes a 100% return on your investment just to get back to where you were before the loss. If you  have $100 and you lose half, you now have $50.

You now need a 100% gain to get back to $100. It’s like digging yourself out of a hole with a smaller shovel.

You end up having to work twice as hard with a shovel half the size.

Our purpose at SafetyNET is to maximize our clients’ retirement funds by reducing the risk of big losses and taking advantage of market opportunities.

Certified Financial Coach(TM) professionals with specialized certification enjoy helping clients find a sense of peace regarding their relationship with money and because of the relationship the founders have with SafetyNET they periodically provide complimentary classes to SafetyNET program participants.   Ask for more information.

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